Saturday, April 1, 2017

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Some people call them "slow cookers," but they're more commonly known by the brand-name Crock Pot. The Crock Pot came out in 1971, and women everywhere immediately embraced it. After all, they could start a meal in the morning, and the Crock Pot would have it ready by dinnertime. Keep in mind, this was during a time when women were entering or re-entering the workforce in record numbers and trying to find a balance between work and home life.
Crock Pot cooking is simple -- just put a bunch of ingredients in the pot, turn on the low heat, and the dish will cook slowly all day. Modern slow cookers come with timers to offer more flexibility with cooking times. This article was taken from the following web sight and I found it interesting. I thought you would, too.

There is also a small crock pot for hot dips or for single servings of meat, soups, etc. I was lucky enough to find this small crock pot several years ago and I have used it so much. Actually more than I originally thought I would. Needless to say, the bigger one is great for a meal, soups and/or chili.
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