Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orange Crates & Glass Blocks.......

How many of you remember the revered orange crate? Yes, oranges used to come packed in wood crates to the grocery stores. They were generally thrown out by the stores and of course the neighborhood children were there to get the "free wood". The girls would make a vanity out of two crates and a top or bookcases to hold a multitude of things. The boys were more into making scooters with old roller skate wheels race cars, wagons and swords. AND no one ever got hurt with them. You could make a guitar out of an old wooden cigar box and different sizes of rubber bands, with a handle made from old orange crate wood. The children also made a bookcase or desk for homework. If you painted them or stained them, they even made it college dorms. But alas, the wood crates were changed out for cardboard ones, that were useless to make anything out of.
These are glass blocks that also made their way to the college dorm rooms. With a board put across two of them you had a bookshelf. Put another tier of them and you had a bookcase. Yes, I know, people don't do that anymore, but when I grew up, this was very economical and it worked. Children and young adults now miss out on the creativity that was born out of necessity.
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