Monday, April 18, 2016

Tide - My Choice........

Growing up, Tide was the laundry detergent of choice in our home. My Mom never veered away from this brand. So when I got married, yes, Tide was my detergent of choice. I figured, "Mom knew best."
It wasn't until I had children (4 of the little dirt makers) that I realized Tide really was as great as I always thought it was. It took out chocolate, spaghetti & pizza sauce, blueberry, strawberry, grass stains and let's not forget the muddy water stains. That was many years ago. But today, as I do my laundry, I thank the makers of Tide. My clothes are still stain free and it is still my laundry detergent of choice. Why not, if it still takes out all the stains my children could make, it must be the best. And yes, all the stains the adults made as well. Ha-ha. 
Till next time........

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