Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Phosphoric Acid.......

What's this a recipe for? Do you have any idea at all? Well, if you do, you were probably a teenager in 1950's. For a nickel, you got a small one, for a dime, you got a large coke glass of this delicious beverage. You could get, lime, lemon, cherry and even chocolate phosphates. At least you could at my drug store fountain. The “phosphate drink” was the most popular drink at soda fountains for over 70 years, but once Phosphoric Acid disappeared the real phosphate soda disappeared too. Happily, Phosphoric Acid is once again available and now you can taste the ingredient that launched some of the most popular beverages in the world.
Lime Phosphate
In a 10 ounce glass
1 1/2 oz.of lime syrup
1 tsp of Phosphoric Acid
Fill glass with soda water 
The phosphoric acid adds a tartness to the drink to counter balance the sweet lime syrup.
Boy, doesn't that take you right back to the 50's!!
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