Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tony and Luigi's Spread........

Do you remember eating this cheese spread at Tony and Luigi's in Lincoln, NE.? If you're like me, it was one of the favorite things about eating there. Tony and Luigi's served Italian bread with each meal with a broiled cheese topping. Yum, so-ooo good. Try this cheese spread. Tony and Luigi's closed in 1993 after over 50 years serving the people of the Lincoln area with some of the finest Italian cuisine and mouthwatering steaks. It was truly a Lincoln icon.

Tony and Luigi's Spread
1 pkg (8oz) cream cheese
3/4 large carton small curd cottage cheese
1 envelope Lipton onion soup mix
3 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
Blend ingredients well with mixer.
Refrigerate 6 hours before serving with toasted Italian bread, crackers, veggies or chips.
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