Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stuffed Dates........

One of my earliest memories of the holidays is Stuffed Dates. Dates are so versatile that you can stuffed them with most anything, wrap them in prosciutto, roll them in nuts, granulated sugar or sprinkle with powdered sugar. These are filled with Marzipan and rolled in chopped Pistachios. The first time I ate or made them; they were stuffed with English walnuts and rolled in granulated sugar. As I grew older, I tried other things; like peanut butter fudge, marshmallow, candied ginger, cream cheese or Bleu cheese and rolled them in chopped English Walnuts.
You can make a whole plate of them and have many different kinds. When was the last time you made stuffed dates? Here are some with cream cheese and walnuts. They first entered the cookbooks around 1903, but have been around much longer than that. If you are having a gathering, try making a plate of these. Not only will they be the hit of the party, but they are good for you!
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