Sunday, September 29, 2013

Platte River State Park Getaway......

I spent several days on a relaxing getaway with my daughter. We only did what the mood told us to. Mostly just being lazy and reading. But we did go to the lake, trying to get some morning fog photos. But by the time we got there, most of the fog was gone. The reflections and ripples on the water were  so pretty: even though we missed the fog. The ducks soon spied us and came looking for food. Sadly, we didn't bring any food. We saw turkeys, ducks, a deer family and a coot. So we got lots of wildlife photos.
We took a hike to the waterfalls and it was a beautiful scenic trail. We loved every inch of it and took the dogs with us. They enjoyed the walk as well. There were several pretty little wood bridges to cross on the trail to the falls. My daughter did some painting, too and put a couple of beautiful prints in my journal for me. The previous post of sunsets is from this getaway. All in all, a wonderful time spent with my daughter and a beautiful memory to tuck away and revisit from time to time.
Till next time......

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