Thursday, August 8, 2013

Puppy Sweaters, Used and Re-used .......

When we got our first little puppy, it was a male. I made him a little blue sweater as he was so tiny that first winter. The small sweaters at the stores were too big for him. The blue part of this sweater was all he needed that first year. Then later on, a second puppy, but it was a  female. So I added a pink edge to it and a pink collar with a pink bow for her. She outgrew that one and now has a pink quilt lined sweater all her own.
Now we have a third little puppy, a male. So the pink had to come off and now it is back to being a boy's sweater. I put the tan tweed yarn on the sweater where the pink had been and put a slider on for the top closer, instead of a bow.
Now all three have crocheted quilt lined sweaters for our very cold winters. Never let it be said we did not use and re-use our sweaters. Ha-ha!
Till next time......

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