Friday, August 30, 2013

Fall Cleaning.......

It's time for that nasty word, "Fall Cleaning". I know it's not quite fall yet but it takes me a while. So I started on the kitchen cupboards this morning. Hey, when the spirit moves you, you have to take advantage of it. Right? So I emptied it all out onto my counters and wiped down the cupboards.
Next it was time to wipe down all the canisters. I keep a multitude of things in these glass canisters. Stuff like oatmeal, macaroni, hot chocolate mix, bread crumbs, corn meal and the list goes on.

All nice and clean and back in the cupboard. Whew! A job well done, even if I do say so myself. I'm not done in the kitchen, but it's definitely a start. Before this cupboard I cleaned out my spice cabinet. Most people have a shelf for their spices, I have a whole cupboard. Insane... I know. But I use them all so it's okay. I got rid of a few (4) that I seldom use. Anyway, at this point of the morning, I am feeling pretty good about my progress. One room at a time and it seems my kitchen is always the first. Guess that because it is the easiest.
Till next time.......

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