Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beach House by James Patterson......

I just finish a great book today. The name of it is Beach House by James Patterson. The story starts off on the beach. One of the residents on the beach is throwing a huge posh Memorial Day party for the elite, celebrities and a few friends. But one of the valet men goes for a break on the beach and turns up dead. His death is ruled an accident; saying he went for a swim in turbulent water which accounts for his bruises, etc. But his brother and grandfather say there is no way he went for a swim in turbulent 50F degree water. They insist he was murdered. The story is how the two of them decide to prove he was murdered. They find out that everyone seems to be involved in some kind of cover up. The question is....what are they covering up and why. Was the young man murdered and do the two of them prove he was murdered.  Or are they just two bereaved family members who can't accept the young man's death was an accident? Do they ever find out what the cover  up is all about and who all is involved? It seems at every turn someone else is involved the cover up.   
You really must read this book.
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