Friday, June 7, 2013


I read on the Internet where I could grow rhubarb in a bucket on my patio. So decided I would give it a try. My rhubarb finally got big enough to harvest a few stems. Yes!! It is my first season with it, so I am pleased to have any at all. I may not harvest anymore; as the time is coming soon, that it will be too late to harvest anymore of it. Most of the agricultural sites say mid June is when to stop. Doing it any later will effect next year's crop. So I will try to follow their instructions. But I had to share my bounty with you.
This is part of my package of rhubarb for the freezer. I only got about a pint of cut pieces, but it is a start. I am growing it in a five gallon bucket and so far, I am having success with it. It is healthy and has already sent off a second plant from the main one. What more could I ask for. Yippee!!
Till next time......

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