Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New England Top Cut Buns......

One of my fondest food memories is a Howard Johnson hot dog served in a grilled New England top cut bun. It was warm, toasty, buttery and so good.
These buns are only sold in the New England area and restaurants in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Clam Shacks all up and down the coast use them. Somehow, the Howard Johnson chain got into the act as well. If you have never eaten a hot dog in a New England top cut grilled bun; you have never truly enjoyed a hot dog. There is just something about these grilled buns that make eating a hot dog a dining experience. This is no ordinary bun. It is a rich, dense Brioche bun full of flavor. If you are  anywhere near a Lobster area, these buns are also used for the infamous Lobster Roll.
In most cases, a Lobster Roll is nothing more than Lobster meat and mayo. Some might add scallions, but the "purist" will go for just the Lobster and mayo. Just enough to coat the Lobster meat.
Pepperidge Farm makes a top cut bun....but is it the same flavor? For me, nothing compares with the flavor of the New England top cut bun.
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