Friday, May 3, 2013

Moment of Truth by Lisa Scottoline.....

This book starts right off with the murder of Jack Newlin's wife. He comes home for dinner and finds her on the floor dead. He's pretty sure who killed her, so he stages the scene and dials 911 to confess to the crime. Thus protecting the one he thinks did the deed. But as with all of Ms. Scottoline's books, she throws a few twists into the story. At first, you kind of think you know who did it. But then one of the twists in her story develops. Jack's lawyer is convinced he did not commit the murder and sets out to prove it, even though Jack at one point, fires her from his case. Almost at the end of the book, a classic Scottoline twist,  one you were not expecting. An interesting read.
I found this book interesting, besides the story line, because it was the seventh book she had written. Compared to her newer books, you can see how she has improved her story telling skills. Moment of Truth will keep you wondering who actually committed the murder and why right to the end.
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