Friday, April 12, 2013

Priceless Special Memories......

How many times do you think of special childhood times. Something that was special to you and maybe one other person. I was blessed with a wonderful childhood and many good memories. But one special memory was having supper with my Mom at Gold's basement lunch counter on Thursday nights. You see, back then, the stores were only open late on Thursdays. So I would meet my Mom at work and we would go for something to eat and then shop. It was always the same, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and chocolate cokes. You might ask, what's so special about that. Well, it wasn't the food that was special, it was eating supper out with my Mom. It was the simple pleasures in life that were memorable. 
Like rolling out pie crust with my Gram; with my own little rolling pin. It got a a bit grimy before I was done with it. it was great pie dough; as it didn't get tough with all that handling. Gram would put cinnamon and sugar on it and bake it along with her pies. After baking, I would eat it. These are memories that would not excite today's children, but for me, there are priceless.
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