Saturday, March 9, 2013

Soap Slivers......

Soap Slivers
One of the easiest ways to reuse soap pieces requires nothing more than a washcloth and a needle and thread. Make the cloth into a draw string bag that can be opened and closed at will. Place several pieces of soap into the bag and seal it with the string. The washcloth bag can be used to lather up when showering. During the course of the shower, the small pieces are used up. After the shower, simply empty the bag and allow it to dry as you would any washcloth. The bag is easy to use and allows you to get the last bit of use from those leftovers.
OR…you can let one of the slivers of soap soak in hot water until it gets a bit gooey and then press it onto another sliver. You can keep doing this till you get a nice bar. Let it air dry and it is ready to use. Wal-la, a new bar of soap. In years gone by, everyone saved the slivers of soap. Waste not, want not was the slogan.
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