Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Cool Drink......

Another sign of Spring is the bird bath. After the winter snows, rain and drippings from the balcony above me, the water was really nasty. So got out the scrub sponge, put in some clean water and the Guardian of the Bath. He is a cute little Elf and has kept watch on the birds for several years now. The birds like the rocks as it gives them a place to land and stand for a drink of cool, fresh water.
In another month, I will be planting some flowers and flower seeds. I did start some scallions in 3 little pots and hopefully, they will grow and I can transplant them when the time is right.
Enjoy your Spring, our Spring is usually very short, but enjoyable.
Till next time........

The Blind Side

I had the opportunity to see this very funny and poignant story. If you haven't seen it yet, run to the theater to watch it. Sandra Bullock has given the performance of a lifetime. It is no wonder she won an award for it. She takes this young man ,who had nothing and was from the projects at one time, into her family. From that moment on he was family and she fought for what was right for him. She also found out quickly, he did not like being called "Big Mike". So from then on it was "Michael". She was like a bulldozer, in that she let nothing stand in her way to do what she felt was right for her new "son" Michael. He had to learn to play football, but once he learned he was unstoppable. This is definitely, a "go see" movie. Thumbs up for sure! You have to go to the movie to see the ending of it.
Till next time........

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Early Morn'

I was out on the deck one morning and happened to see the sun starting to rise. What a lovely sight to see. So of course, I had to reach for my camera. I almost got a plane in the first photo but it was too quick for me. None the less, the sunrise was lovely and I enjoyed it. Drinking a cup of coffee watching the sun come up doesn't get any better than that, unless it is a sunset. I truly enjoy the beauty of nature where ever I find it.
I look forward to getting some great sunset photos in the near future and can hardly wait to see them. I will have my tripod set up, sipping some wine waiting for that perfect shot. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and not be cloudy. I can always go over to the park and wait for the sunset there. Have a great day and don't forget to take time to enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. They are a real gift of nature.
Till next time........

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hearts for Baby

This is a special baby afghan. Another lady made the white squares and for whatever reason never got the afghan put together. So she donated them to Project Linus. At one of their meetings I saw the little squares in a plastic bag and something pulled me to it. I had to put them together and finished the lovely afghan. She had put so much work into each of the squares; I wanted them to go to a baby as she intended. So this weekend, I finished crocheting the squares together and put a small border on it. Now it is ready to donate. I hope where ever this lady is, she somehow knows it was finished with love and a tiny baby will soon have it.
Till next time......

Christmas Cactus ........

You might say this is nothing special, but if you look closely you will see a flower bud on the big leaf. This is the first flower bud in about four years. I was ready to give up on it and throw the plant out. But it has come through finally and has a lot of buds on it. So I'm guessing maybe it is an Easter Cactus and not a Christmas Cactus as I have thought for years. You see I have pampered this plant in the hopes of eventually seeing flowers on it. It is a true lesson in patience and is paying off this year. Now if the buds don't fall off I will eventually see pink flowers. I'll take another photo when it blooms. I did say when, not if.
Till next time........

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pimento Cheese Panini

Recipe and photo from AARP magazine in an article by Deborah Madison.

1/2 oz cheddar or cheddar-jack cheese
2 tsp. diced pimentos
2 tsp. mayonnaise
1/4 tsp mustard
1/8 tsp paprika
Black pepper to taste
1 sliced scallion, green part only
1 sliced sour dough bread, cut in half
Olive oil as needed.
Grate cheese; combine it with the pimentos, mayonnaise, mustard and paprika. Season with black pepper; add scallions. Spread mixture on each half of bread, brush with olive oil, and grill until golden. Yield: 1 sandwich

This Panini looks delicious to me. The photo was cropped to show the goodness of the Pimento Cheese. I found this in an article about "What We Eat When We Eat Alone". It was most interesting. What do you eat when you eat alone? We all have personal foods we eat at that time. I'll have to ponder what I eat. Ice Cream comes to mind, but then I can't eat Ice Cream every day, now can I?. I think I would have to say Mac N' Cheese would be my personal food. That is a real comfort food for me.
Till next time.......

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nature Is Coming To LIfe.......

With the snow melting and the sun starting to shine again; I have found new growth in the garden. The columbines are starting to sprout and soon the green leaves will be evident to anyone walking by the garden.
The tulips are all starting to poke their heads up. Soon the buds will be forming and the lilacs will be getting new leaves as well. I love the tulip and lilac bouquets near Memorial day . Just knowing that nature is coming to life again is such a great feeling. I love looking for the new growth each Spring

What a wonderful time of year this is when all of nature is new and coming back to life.
Till next time.......

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hard Times....

It's been a long year or two for many people in the States and in other lands. People struggling with finances and unemployment and other things occurring in their lives. But I think, for many, this may be a new beginning and a start of a future for them. Many people are changing careers and yes, some are even going back to school. But I think it is also a time where people learn who they really are in life, what is important to them and what they are truly made of. During this time of economical distress, people are finding courage, determination, compassion and are finding out they can do with less and still be very happy. It is a time when families are joining together. I think it is a time where we have to go back to basics and buy what we need and forget the "I wants" for a while. Forget the electronics and send the children out to play kickball, baseball and to ride their bikes, etc. After all, fresh air IS good for them. We can go back to eating a casserole or two or making a chicken stretch so far you'll think it's made of rubber. We all have to remember, there are many who have less than we do.
Till next time......
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going Back Home.....

Let me reminisce for a while. They always say, "You can never go back home". I think that is partially true. You can go back home and visit but it is never quite the same. Your favorite store to shop at ,has been replaced with an office building. The beautiful brick Cathedral has been painted white. A place you used to live in, is gone. Friends you knew, have moved on with their lives, as you have. The childhood magic you once had is missing now. Whose fault is it.....I don't think it's anyone's fault. It's life, it just is, that's all. We all moved on and are living life as it should be.

But the places you enjoyed are still there with a few more new ones to enjoy. They may have changed, but they are still there. Why do I mention this? Well, I plan on "going back home" to enjoy a few of the places I loved as a child, see the family homes, take some photos and visit a few of the new places in town.

You see, I believe you can "go back home". You just need to see it with different eyes and perhaps you will find it a renewal of sorts or perhaps a closure.
Till next time.......

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Is Coming! !

You ask why would I take a photo of grass? Well, it's been almost 4 months since we have seen the grass, in any color, as it has been under several feet of snow. We have looked at nothing but snow for months now and to see even a little patch of green grass is a welcome sight.
I saw a fat little robin munching on a piece of bread yesterday. That's a sure sign Spring is on the way. I have my bird feeder full but no birds yet. I am now looking for other signs of new growth. The birth of a new and exciting Spring when everything is new, fresh and ready to be enjoyed. Till next time.......