Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I am experiencing a Winter melt-down at the moment. We've got about two feet of that "white stuff" on the ground and drifts so high you wonder where the next batch of snow is going. So I am thinking beach, warm sunshine and warm ocean breezes. As long as I stay inside where it is warm and play some Island music, I can delude myself for five minutes. We will see the snow on the ground till about the end of March as temperatures will stay cold enough that it won't melt. Before I forget, Happy New Year everyone and I hope this is a great year for all of you.
Till next time.......

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas Snow

Christmas 2009, a major snow storm came through this area.
According to all accounts about 14 inches. But snow drifts were 2-3 foot near me and I am sure they were higher else where. This is my front patio with 14 inches of snow in the bird bath and the first snow drift past the patio is about 3 foot. My sliding screen door is frozen shut so I can't go clean off the snow. More is predicted so I might just wait for "spring thaw". After all....spring will come eventually.
Till next time........

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

O Holy Night

O Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the dear Savior's birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
Till He appeared and the Spirit felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
O night divine, the night when Christ was born;

Till next time........

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Complicated

This movie definitely has an abundance of humorous moments. It stars Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, all mega stars. It has been nominated for Best Comedy, Best Ensemble Cast and 3 Golden Globe nominations including Best Actress and Best Picture.(comedy and musical) But I found it a bit "in your face" with some of the sexual scenes. Call me a prude but I don't need to see them "doing the deed" in bed nor do I need to see Alec Baldwin in his birthday suit. But as I said, it did have some very funny moments and is rated R for those interested in seeing it.
Till next time.......

The Bucket List

The Bucket List is a must see movie. It is about 2 cancer patients from different backgrounds, one is a car mechanic and the other, well, let's just say he is filthy rich. The bucket list is a list of things that one of them wants to accomplish in the 6 months he has left in this world. So the two collaborate on a bucket list for the two of them together and set out to do all the things on the list. Not only do they have fun doing all those things but they find a close friendship ensues. What was on the list and what all did they do? Well, you'll just have to see the movie and find out. With Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman it just has to be good, and it was.
Till next time........

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht!

Silent night! Holy night! was heard for the first time in this little village church located in Oberndorf, Austria. The name of the church is St. Nicholas. The year was 1818. The story goes, that a mouse had chewed through the baffles of the organ and hence the organ could not be played. Fr. Josef Mohr wrote the words and Fr. Franz Gruber wrote the music to this beautiful hymn. This song was sung for the first time at their Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Little did they know the impact this song would have on the world. It is sung in tiny chapels, grand cathedrals and is sung in many different languages around the world. Many of you know three verses of this song, but did you know when it was written, that there are actually six verses to the song? For more on the history of this beautiful hymn, see the following website.
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Baking is Done!

This is the last of my baking for the holidays. The shortbread is a small, very rich cookie dipped in dark chocolate. The perfect little cookie to go along with a special ice cream sundae or elegant parfait. It is also nice with a fruit cup .

Next to the cookies are orange spiced nuts. They are English walnuts and have a coating of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and cloves. Something different to let your guests nibble on when they stop over. It is a great recipe. Happy Holidays!
Till next time........

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nyanza, Cape Breton, NS

Coming down off the Cabot Trail, we came to a town called Nyanza. Our motel reservation was there. Further down the road was the Herring Choker Deli /Cafe where we were able to buy some lunch. We had not eaten since breakfast before starting the Cabot Trail. It was now 3:00pm and we were definitely looking for food. This delightful deli/cafe had homemade bread and the best turkey sandwiches ever. Of course, being so hungry may have had something to do with it . The sandwiches were so big we could only eat half of them and then had the rest as a late evening snack. The road was right next to the water and the view from our motel was lovely. We were glad to get off the Cabot Trail and back on level ground. The mountains are definitely not for us. I will look at them from afar.
Till next time.......

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cheticamp Cape Breton Nova Scotia

This is a postcard I bought of a charming little fishing village called Cheticamp., Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. As you can see, the church is the highest building around. In the far background you can see the mountains and the beginning of the Cabot Trail.
It was my first experience driving in the mountains. If I have a choice, it will also be my last. I was not used to driving that close to the edge from that high up. I did not stop to take any photos. I kept my eye on the road and saw the beauty of the Trail by looking straight ahead. I took some photos prior to the Trail and after I came off the mountains. I must admit, though, it is some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen.

Till next time........

St. Peter's Catholic Church

This is St. Peter's Catholic Church in Cheticamp, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It can be seen from miles away as it is the tallest building in the town.The community has almost 4,000 residents, a large number of whom are Acadians and speak French natively, as well as English. It is located just a few miles before entering the beautiful Cabot Trail. I had the pleasure of visiting this small picturesque Acadian village a few years ago. The culture had its humble beginnings in the French countryside. Due to the fact that they were so isolated, the ancestors were careful to hold on to their culture, and to this day it is very much alive. Visitors will often hear the lively sounds of Acadian being spoken and in restaurants, visitors will sample typical Acadian food. The servers in the Artisian Co-op will be seen wearing the traditional Acadian clothing. The history of this lovely fishing village is very interesting. They have a lot going on for such a small village. Part of this information was taken from the following website. Take a moment to visit the website and enjoy a culture not often seen by most of us.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Baking

I've been a bit busy lately. These are some of the cookies I like to make for the Christmas season. In the photo from left to right in a clockwise direction. I have made Anise Pizzelles, Lekvar, and Chocolate Pizzelles. These are probably my favorites. But I would also like to make a Butter Shortbread and dip half of it in chocolate. So I will keep busy for a while yet making some more goodies. Just thought I would share these, so far.
Till next time.......

Sunday, December 6, 2009


What's your favorite Holiday cookie? These pizzelles are one of mine. I have several other kinds to make for Christmas but at least this is a good start. Tomorrow, if time allows, I will be making some chocolate pizzelles and some Lekvar. Then I will only have Shortbread with one end dipped in chocolate, Pecan Balls, Gingersnaps to make. What are some of your favorite cookies for the holidays?
Till next time........

Holiday Shopping!

Has Holiday shopping got you down? I avoid it like the plague! If I have shopping to do; I try to get it done very early before the sales and crowds start. I guess now I will be shopping in August and September, as our sales here, started before Halloween. this year. That's a bit much for me. I am of the generation that didn't shop till after Thanksgiving. But those days are "dead and gone" as they say. Take time to enjoy the season; it only comes once a year. Me....I'm having another glass of punch. Cheers!
Till next time......

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Comfort Mug

Do you have that favorite shirt, that is worn out but you just can't bear to part with it?
Or maybe it's a pair of shoes that should have hit the trash last year.
Well, for's a favorite coffee mug. It's not big or fancy and it wasn't expensive. I have had it for many years and if it isn't in my dishwasher already, it is the first mug I reach for. It is comfortable to hold, holds just the right amount of coffee and somehow says, "Me first!" to me when I need a mug for my morning coffee. It may break someday; but for now, this plain white mug works for me. What is your favorite item that you can't bear to get rid of?
Till next time........

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Loving Memories

This photo brought back memories of a long time ago. When my oldest daughter was in college; I wanted her to have some love from home. She was going to college half way across the country from me. So I set out making ornaments from English Walnut shells. I made one with her high school and college colors. I remember a strawberry and there were others that I can't remember now. She was so far away and I really missed her. I know she felt the love when she opened the little box of ornaments. Some memories are just too good to let go of.
Till next time........