Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Japanese Obos

I went to the park the other day and of course took my camera with me. I never know what I will find to photograph. I tried for a little bird sitting on a bird house but he was too quick for me and flew away. The park is one of my favorite places to go, to forget the world and just be me. Most times, I also have a book with me and I sit at the shelter and read for a while.The five little rocks you see stacked just behind the blades of grass are an obos. It's a Japanese custom and it designates harmony between nature and mankind. It simply states, "I was here". The rocks are perfectly balanced. I left the obos there as that particular spot is a favorite place for me. Sometimes I make a sandwich and just park by the lake there and have lunch. I especially enjoy the late fall and winter at the park. If you happen upon an obos when you are hiking, at the park or at the beach, stop and maybe leave one of your own.
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