Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Did you know that in years past, they were called craneberries? The blossom of the cranberry resembles the head and neck of the Sandhill Crane, so they were called craneberries. In modern times, they are called cranberries and are harvested in the fall of the year in many northern states and eastern Canada. A small proportion of them are in eastern Europe. Following is a refreshing Cranberry Raspberry Punch.

Cranberry Raspberry Sparkle Punch
Yield: 8 – 8oz Servings
4 cups Raspberry Cranberry drink, chilled
4 cups Lemon Lime carbonated beverage, chilled.
In 2 quart pitcher or in punch bowl combine beverages. Stir gently. Serve immediately.

Serving Ideas :
You can float orange slices on punch. In punch bowl make and float an ice ring made of cranberry/raspberry juice mixed with water. Very refreshing and easy. Not too sweet.

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Recipe by: Pillsbury, Easiest Ever Holiday Menus Cookbook
Photo by Charles Armstrong, the Uni Maine Cooperative Extension's Cranberry Professional

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