Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gourmet Coffee

I enjoy many of the different flavored coffees on the market today. My favorite is probably Butter Pecan. It was sold in a Hardware/Gift Shop and is no longer available to me. I am also fond of a locally roasted coffee called Swiss Chocolate Almond. Double Dutch Chocolate and Spice Butter Rum are amazing flavors as well. These are all very smooth tasting coffees and something I like to relax with in the evening. For a "wake up coffee" in the morning, try Guatemalan coffee. It is a robust flavored coffee without being bitter. It's just the thing to wake up my day and get me going. When new flavors come out, I check to see if there is something that peaks my interest. The coffee just seems to taste better when I grind the coffee beans myself. If you don't have a coffee grinder and don't want to buy one, the stores have a grinder there for you. So that's not a problem. If you haven't tried the flavored coffees and have even a spark of adventure left in you; give them a try. You just might like them. Keeping the coffee beans or ground coffee in the freezer will help keep it fresh for a longer time. Keep the coffee brewing. Till next time..........

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