Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cinnamon Mornings & Chocolate Dreams - Pamela Lanier

Cinnamon Mornings and Chocolate Dreams
by Pamela Lanier

Wow! Doesn't that name just beg you to read and browse through it? It is a cookbook and review of some of the Bed & Breakfasts she has visited. I subscribe to her newsletter and in it, she reviews several B&Bs and gives you some fabulous recipes from the different Inns. They are so yummy and yes, probably full of calories. But we all know butter is better; although maybe not better for us. At a B&B you get a sound and comfy night's sleep, you are served a wonderful breakfast and a delightful afternoon tea. You get the feeling of being pampered. You ladies know what I mean, no cooking or cleaning, and then being served tea on top of it. Some Inns will provide supper for a bit extra but if they don't, you can always enjoy the local cuisine. That's always fun. If you can't get away for a weekend or vacation; sign up for her newsletter and you can still enjoy reading about different B&Bs all over the world and enjoy making some wonderful recipes. I have her website listed here.
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